Who We Are

We, at Centita, perform the utmost to deliver value-based innovations that drive customers’ business processes. Our consistency towards the deliberations of up-to-the-minute technologies helps us grow our technical expertise and domain knowledge in a prudent manner. We follow a process of rational inference to effectively address the clients’ needs that are most exigent in the present world of commercial activities.

We accumulate our skills and knowledge base that results from direct interactions with clients thereby enabling them to speed up time-to-market and cost reduction. The tools and frameworks we employ allow us to derive the solution that is flexible and easily implementable.
We build our core competency by enhancing our time-tested development strategies within the cognizance of quality assurance to the client.

Headed in a precise direction, our Client Dedicated Teams constantly deliver quality development services appropriating the clientele gain advantage significantly beyond the traditional cost output ratios.

Services we offer include Web development, software product development, mobile application development and testing services to start-ups, moderate-sized and multi-billion dollar organizations across the globe.

We strive to maintain strategic and enduring relationship with our clientele and we assure that our state-of-the-art solutions witness repeat business springing up high on the scale.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in India, we provide offshore process consulting and software development solutions.
Our business growth line is rising with rapid movements since the origin and we are sure as shooting that it goes apex.


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